Hana Has a Sibling

Actually Hana Planckaert has a sibling. She has an older sister named Dalita or Dana. Her sister is 7 years her senior. Her sister is 1 cm taller than her but the weight is the same. The far age difference doesn’t made Hana worried. Hana could learn more with the elders. But Hana sometime embarrassed when wearing shoes. Her sister doesn’t like her (Hana) wearing taller shoes. Hana sometimes argues with her sister but no violent actions.

Coffee Shop Dana Planckaert Coffee Shop Hana Planckaert

Hana and Dana usually hanging out at coffee shop. Hana starts drink coffee when saw a cup of coffee that her sister bought. Since the incident, Hana fond of coffee. Now, Hana drinks coffee every morning.

Hana's Big Sister in Evening Dress Hana Planckaert in Evening Dress

Hana and her sister also have interest on fashion. But they have quite different fashion style. Hana tends to wear sweet and chic outfits. Her sister prefers bold and elegant ones. Hana and her sister sometimes swap outfits if desire.

Another version also states that Hana has a younger brother that 4-5 years her junior. He has dark hair and blue eyes just like her. He has medium stature and slight overweight. He likes soccer, athletic, cycling, rock music, crime stories and fast food. He always argue with his family, especially his father. He argues about money, food, television and so on. That makes Hana worry even sad.

Hana’s younger brother’s name is unspecified. His real name is hidden due to harassment potential. His nickname also unknown. He plans to go to boarding high school. But his physical abilities are not so sufficient. He wants to go to such school because of senior’s and relative’s influence. If he leaves home for school, Hana would be sad because no one could greet and chat with her.

Me and My Mom

Ma Planckaert and Little Planckaert

Hana Planckaert as a child with her mom, Ma Planckaert. Hana’s mom also has a dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes which are inherited to her. But in recent years her dark blonde hair mixed with few white hairs. Then, Hana’s dad has a ash brown hair but white hairs are very few and greyish eyes. Hana’s sibling (brother or sister?) has a light brown hair and no sign of blondness and medium blue eyes.

The outfit is made by Rinmaru Games. The game is Mom and Me (possibly).