Pirate Lolita Part 2

Hana made Pirate Lolita costumes based on cycling teams’ jersey colors. Hana made them for celebrating 102rd Tour de France.

As usual, Hana divided costumes into two parts due to vast size of cycling teams which competed at Grand Tours and many other races.

Pirate Lolita Etixx-Quick StepPirate Lolita Team Europcar

Pirate Lolita Lotto NL-JumboPirate Lolita Trek Factory Racing

Pirate Lolita Lampre-MeridaPirate Lolita Cannondale-Garmin

Pirate Lolita Team CofidisPirate Lolita IAM Cycling

Pirate Lolita Bora-Argon 18Pirate Lolita Bretagne-Séché Environnement

Pirate Lolita MTN-Qhubeka

Teams for Part 2

  1. Etixx-Quick Step
  2. Team Europcar
  3. Lotto NL-Jumbo
  4. Trek Factory Racing
  5. Lampre-Merida
  6. Cannondale-Garmin
  7. Team Cofidis
  8. IAM Cycling
  9. Bora-Argon 18
  10. Bretagne-Seche Environnement
  11. MTN-Qhubeka

Characters and Bias Riders for Part 2

  1. Monika Stybarova, based of Zdenek Stybar.
  2. Genevieve Gautier, based of Cyril Gautier.
  3. Sophia Leezer, based of Tom Leezer.
  4. Viktoria “Vika” Rast, based of Gregory Rast.
  5. Frisca Oliveira, based of Nelson Oliveira.
  6. Della Bauer, based of Jack Bauer.
  7. Therese Senechal, based of Florian Senechal.
  8. Lies Clement, based of Stef Clement.
  9. Ellen Voss, based of Paul Voss.
  10. Laureen Delaplace, based of Anthony Delaplace.
  11. Loretta “Lori” Pauwels, based of Serge Pauwels.

Hana made them with Rinmaru Games. The game was Pirate Lolita.


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