Messy Version of Alternative Regional Airlines Flight Attendant Uniforms

After I created 13 flight attendant uniforms of European alternative regional airlines, I created the similar uniforms, but with different concept. Now, I use the messy concept which formed because the models of the uniforms were bullied by Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa and several flight attendants from the existing airlines.

The bullying occurs because of the existence of these alternative airlines themselves. Alternative airlines are mocked by people due to being bizarre thing, threat the well-known airlines and contain primordial attires, since they’re ethnic-based. In the beginning, alternative airlines are praised because of unique attire, high quality service, reasonable price and decent facilities. But, after several months, alternative airlines are mocked because people worried with fall of well-known airlines and primordial attires.

Bullying of alternative airlines teach us that such airlines are great as alternative for travelers who are unable to afford fares of well-known airlines and willing to travel with reasonable price but with high quality service and decent facilities. Alternative airlines also teach the cultural aspects from respective airlines.

The flight attendant uniforms are made by Rinmaru Games. The game is Mega Street Fashion Ver. 3 Dress Up Games.

Alternative Regional Airlines

After Tour de France, Hana Planckaert usually didn’t make any blog posts. But for now, Hana Planckaert will offer you several flight attendant uniforms from alternative regional airlines from Europe. Most of the airlines are medium service airlines, mixture between full service and low cost. Alternative airlines serve various routes, most routes are concentrated on regions’ capital cities and notable cities and as the alternative to well-known airlines if you are unable to afford them or willing to travel with reasonable price but with high quality service and decent facilities. Almost of alternative regional airlines are related to European separatist regions, like Flanders, home of Hana Planckaert, author and owner of this blog.

List of alternative regional airlines (Region of origin, headquarter):

  1. Alba Airlines (Scotland, Edinburgh)
  2. Catalunya Airlines (Catalonia, Barcelona)
  3. Euskadi Airways (Basque Country, Bilbao)
  4. Galicia Aerotransport (Galicia, Santiago de Compostela)
  5. Air Breizh (Bretagne, Rennes)
  6. Occitania Airways (Occitane, Toulouse)
  7. Air Provence (Provence-Alpes Cote de Azur, Marseille)
  8. Alsatian Airlines (Alsace, Strasbourg)
  9. Bavarian Airlines (Bavaria, Munich)
  10. Padania Air (Northern Italy, Milan)
  11. Siciliano Aerotransporti (Sicily, Palermo)
  12. Vlaamsair (formerly VLM) (Flanders, Antwerp)
  13. Wallonia Airways (Wallonia, Charleroi)

List of models of flight attendant uniforms:

  1. Alba Airlines: JB, an ilustrator
  2. Catalunya Airlines: NP, a commoner
  3. Euskadi Airways: ML, based of Mikel Landa
  4. Galicia Aerotransport: SA, a commoner
  5. Air Breizh: KLB, based of Johan Le Bon
  6. Occitania Airways: NG, a commoner
  7. Air Provence: RE, based of Nicolas Edet
  8. Alsatian Airlines: SK, a commoner
  9. Bavarian Airlines: IA, based of Nikias Arndt
  10. Padania Air: TB, based of Daniele Bennati
  11. Siciliano Aerotransporti: SC, based of Dario Cataldo
  12. Vlaamsair (formerly VLM): HP, an icon of media idoling
  13. Wallonia Airways: SB, a commoner

The flight attendant uniforms are made by Rinmaru Games. The game is Mega School Girl dress up games.