Noirin Roche/Riordan

One day, Dorabear and his friends, including Doraemon played tricks to cyclists who compete for 104th Tour de France. They made some tricks for entertain cyclists.

While Dorabear and friends tricked Nicolas Roche, they played the ‘hard’ tricks which lead to transformation. Dorabear, with his transformation gadgets transformed Nicolas into an unknown girl. The girl is an Irish, just like Deirdre who appeared at the ICU while Diana fell into coma.

Existence of ‘true’ Irish becomes the hot topic in Hana Planckaert world. Recently, most Irish cyclists aren’t really Irish, many of them have English blood like Dan Martin. The topic makes us curious about Celtic stuffs, especially Irish stuffs.

After the trick, Nicolas became a girl named Noirin or Nóirín (with diacritical marks). Her last name is Riordan or Roche, Riordan is used when her first name uses diacritical marks and Roche is used when her first name has no any diacritical marks.

Noirin is Deirdre’s neighbor since early childhood. This different with Nicolas and Daniel who are cousins. The girls are the different people with Sarah Roche and Diana Martin who commonly appear in Hana Planckaert media.

Noirin shares simlar skintone, hair color and eyes color with Nicolas, but her hair has a bit yellow undertone and it’s short and wavy. She also share similar body size with her neighbor, Deirdre. She always appear taller due to her habit which frequently wearing high heeled shoes because she wants to be ‘shining’.


Noirin Riordan (not Roche) is hand drawn. She wears white stretch, U neck and long sleeve blouse, navy blue A line skirt, sky blue long vest and navy blue platform stiletto pump shoes.

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