Gummy Dream

Why has Hana Planckaert addicted to made new characters? Actually Hana still wanted to create more contents with different styles. Hana still has to promote cycling with fun way(s). Hana is also still like cycling which would remained until turning old. Eurosport Girls is still exist to everybody. We hoped that Hana Planckaert and Eurosport Girls are still around.

List of the characters

  1. Mireille Hofstetter
  2. Martha Gibbons
  3. Astrid Brenner
  4. Therese Markl
  5. Richelle Vandenabeele
  6. Laura Ayuso
  7. Yvonne Taminiaux
  8. Maret Pajur
  9. Charlene Capiot
  10. Irina Rikunova

The outfits are made by Doll Divine. The game is Fairy Tale SMOL.

Comment for Hana Planckaert

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