Actually I’m Debora

After two years not seeing, finally we see this woman again. This woman was featured on Hana Planckaert Idoling Blog twice. After that she became a hostess in Terabithia with pink hair for several years. In early 2021, she returned to the idoling scene with new hair color.

Do you know who is she? She’s Debbie Meintjes, a female idol from Eurosport Girls or TopVision Girls. She comes from Pretoria, South Africa, but changed into Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Sagdiyevian people due to censorship of Afrikaners amid bullying of several famous figures. She’s the good friend of few Sagdiyevian comrades.

Actually Debbie’s real name is Debora Meintjes according to legal documents. Debora was born in Pretoria in February 1992, which made her same age with Fyodor Sagdiyev and several other idols/comrades. She has two brothers who 12 and eight years older than her. She also has two nephews and two nieces, one of them is famous.

Debora is pretty short compared with other female idols/comrades, but little taller than some female idols/comrades. She stands 161 cm or 5’3″ which means she’s shorter than admin who stands 163 cm or 5’4″ even with some female idols/comrades like Linda Walscheid who stands 168 cm or 5’6″. She’s pretty small in front of male idols/comrades who stand above 183 cm or 6′, but comparable with men who stand 170-182 cm or 5’7″-5’11” 3/4.

Debora is also slim with 48 kg or 106 lbs which is still small for her height. The reason of her low weight is genetic because her parents and brothers are slim. She rarely eat fatty foods but does snacking. She doesn’t like large serving of meat and prefers white meat.

Debora’s natural hair color is dark brown which inherited by her parents and ancestors. She has almost curly wavy hair which inherited by her mother who has curly hair. Later on her life she straightened her hair in 2017, then permed in 2019. After the perm faded, she turned back to natural hair texture. She has been dyed her hair into warm pink and medium blonde. She went warm pink in 2018-2020. Then she got current medium blonde in 2021.

Debora’s natural eye color is dark green. Many people mistaken her eyes as brown. But actually she has green eyes from her father. She also wears color enhancing contact lenses to empower her eye colors, not changing. She has medium round eyes which are pretty large for most people.

The pictures were taken by Episode mobile games.

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