Chocolate Time

One day after Christmas or during Boxing Day, Hana Planckaert is back with the last installment of Monster High inspired fashion series. This installment involves chocolate, food item which loved by many people around the world. Hana and friends made them in order to respect chocolate and cacao itself. Girls with surnames similar with road cyclists would rocking on chocolatey outfits.

List of the characters:

  1. Inge Roosen
  2. Claudia Eenkhoorn
  3. Hilda Theuns
  4. Glenda van Aert
  5. Irena Malecka
  6. Csilla Valter
  7. Natalie Dlamini
  8. Delia Gebrezgabihier
  9. Rieke Salmon
  10. Karin Gall
  11. Cheryl McLay
  12. Jenna Swift
  13. Evelyn Carapaz
  14. Vania Caicedo
  15. Rozenn Riou
  16. Elodie Guernalec
  17. Fenna Declercq
  18. Odette Noppe
  19. Gilke Allegaert
  20. Gloria Barcelo

Most of the chosen characters are new, but some of them are already featured.

The outfits are made by Doll Divine. The game is Fairy Tale SMOL.

Fairy Tale Black and White Time

After Fairy Tale HUT RI 74th edition, Hana would present the another special edition installment. Monster High Style is still being used here. Now, the girls whose surnames similar with cyclists would present their black and white garbs.

List of the characters:

  1. Tadeja Mezgec
  2. Jerneja Kump
  3. Marusa Tratnik
  4. Yolanda Hermans
  5. Helena Frison
  6. Jinse Leysen
  7. Marketa Cerna
  8. Renata Turkova
  9. Edyta Paluta
  10. Wiktoria Sajnok
  11. Una Mullen
  12. Colleen Williams
  13. Ekaterina Vlasova
  14. Galina Pronskaya
  15. Gintare Siskeviciute
  16. Prane Siskeviciute
  17. Keira Rivera
  18. Francisca Rodriguez
  19. Wilma van den Berg
  20. Aline Ries

The chosen characters are rare and few of them are old. However, this lineup is mostly young.

The outfits are made by Doll Divine. The game is Fairy Tale SMOL.

ON November 23 2019 at 22.14 WIB or 15.14 GMT or 16.14 CET, a surname edited due to lack of knowledge of feminine form of Czech surnames.

Fairy Tale High HUT RI 74 Years Edition

At August 17th, Indonesia celebrates its independence day or in other countries, national day. In honor of Indonesia, Hana and friends would present Indonesian flag inspired fashion styles with Monster High-esque style.

List of the characters:

  1. Marissa Van Asbroeck
  2. Jana GroƟschartner aka Jana Gross
  3. Anne Denz
  4. Giulia Bettiol
  5. Melanie Keukeleire
  6. Nancy Knox
  7. Odile Bernard
  8. Tracy van Goethem
  9. Sophie Van Der Poel
  10. Imogen Carthy
  11. Veronique Mertz
  12. Ilona Wouters
  13. Fam Vanhoucke
  14. Els Dewulf
  15. Barbara Davies
  16. Olena Padun
  17. Timea Peak
  18. Noelle Hirschi
  19. Carissa Hodeg
  20. Synnove Grondahl Jansen

How do they came? They were made in order to celebrate Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day through pop culture. We use 20 girls whose surnames similar with pro cyclists as usual on Hana Planckaert Idoling Blog. The girls wore outfits which resemble Indonesian flag.

The outfits are made by Doll Divine. The game is Fairy Tale High SMOL.