Belgian Blackpink 2020

After admin’s graduation from university, Hana Planckaert is posting again. The posting is related with fashion and idoling group. This time Hana would have pool party theme because Belgian Blackpink members were swimming while winter is still around in Europe. They swim at the indoor swimming pool because weather outside is so terrible with low temperature, heavy snowfall and powerful wind.

In 2020, Belgian Blackpink consists eight members and split up into two groups due to addition of four new members who previously did not join this group. The new members were replacing a member, IW, who left to be a ballroom dancer. Originally Belgian Blackpink would consists five members, including a Walloon named VM and the future Belgian character whose based of a deceased cyclist who died due to crash in Poland named KL (later incarnated into a German named ML). Actually, if the deceased cyclist still alive or survived surgery in August, KL would be made and put on HUT RI special edition installment replacing MK the pink haired idol who would be appeared on Princess Anna styled dress installment on 2019 Tour de France if riders whose bib number not ending with 1 number allowed, as MK is around five years absent on Hana Planckaert Idoling blog due to fierce competition with ‘cooler’ and younger characters.

Belgian Blackpink Pool Party installment consists four pictures. Each picture consists two characters. There are six different swimsuit models which worn by Belgian Blackpink members. Each swimsuit model represents members’ different personalities, from cute to fierce. This because Belgian Blackpink has diverse members like many groups in Hana Planckaert world.

Part 1 consists two eldest members, they are Loes Cras and Lore Goossens (Lola Goossens for Hispanophone and Lusophone people). FYI, Loes Cras is the member of the defunct Katusha Blackpink and she was the youngest member of that group. Lore Goossens is the talented and popular female rapper in Flanders and she sings with fast tempo.

Part 2 consists two higher in-between members, they are Fam Vanhoucke (Noemie Vanhoucke for Francophone people and Naomi Vanhoucke for Anglophone, Hispanophone and Lusophone people) and Els Dewulf (Thelma Dewulf for Anglophone people and Elvira Dewulf for Hispanophone and Lusophone people). They were the original Belgian Blackpink members.

Part 3 consists two lower in-between (formerly youngest) members, they are Greet Van Moer (Grete Van Moer for Francophone people and Greta Van Moer for Anglophone, Hispanophone and Lusophone people) and Sieneke Thijssen. They are the earlier addition of Belgian Blackpink for replacing Ilona Wouters who left because she decided to become the ballroom dancer.

Part 4 consists two youngest members, they are Klara Verschaeve (Clara Verschaeve for Anglophone, Hispanophone and Lusophone people and Clare Verschaeve for Francophone people) and Lorena Vermeersch. They are the recent addition of Belgian Blackpink in sake for expansion. (Update as March 4th 2020)

The swimsuits are inspired by the current Lotto Soudal jersey. They were designed by Hana and Hana’s friend, Melisa and sewn by Pilla, Borat’s Uzbek cousin and also Hana’s friends. Designing took a week as well as making.

Belgian Blackpink’s swimsuits are made by Rinmaru Games. The game is Anime Summer Twins.

Welcoming New Flemish Girl

Recently Hana added a Flemish girl who is cheery but strong. The girl is quiet new in Hana Planckaert world. Actually Hana planned to made her but delayed due to vested interests. For five years, Hana already have sooo many Flemings due to being Hana’s origin and base of road cycling. Currently Hana has at least 100 Flemish girls, what a huge amount! Flemings become the second largest “nation” after Frenchs in Hana Planckaert world, following the distribution of pro cyclists worldwide.

The girl who would be added in Hana Planckaert world is Irene Teuns, based of Dylan Teuns. Before she came to Hana Planckaert World, Hana already suggested for her existence. For several months, Hana had been thinking about a girl with Teuns as a last name/surname. Then Hana was thinking about cheerful and stylish girl with short to medium length hair with any color with green eyes. For name, Hana always struggling due to wide variety of names used in Low Countries, particularly Flanders. Flemings can have wide variation of names, from traditional Netherlandic names to modern name(s) ones. Hana thinks that Flemish names are “tricky”, compared to Spanish, Italian, Finnish or Russian.


Irene (Teuns) wears magical girl costume with pink and black theme with a bit gold and K-pop inspired T-shirt and short overall.

The costumes are made by Rinmaru Games. The games are Halloween Magical Girl and Korean Style Dress Up.

I miss you, Stig Broeckx

Recently I was sad because one of my idol, Stig Broeckx has had a major accident. He was hit by a motorbike during Baloise Belgium Tour stage 2 in May. He was the worst injured cyclist, which made him coma. Due to the accident, Broeckx had his brains injured and put in non-induced coma. Firstly, he was hospitalized in a local hospital in Belgium, but the facilities are still “minus”. Then, he transferred to a hospital in Aachen, Germany which has better facilities for him. In there (Aachen), he had two brain surgeries and put into an induced coma due to high intracranial pressure.

I miss Stig Broeckx so much, because he’s one of my favorite idol on road cycling world. He’s known with funny face and somewhat silly trait. He also fond of the gang, he has a gang which members are cyclists, including Louis Vervaeke. Recently he dated Sean De Bie as a couple. I adore him so much until now. I hoped that he’s fine and wake up soon.

To divert our sadness due to absence of Stig Broeckx after the accident, Doraemon comes to our place to make something fun and reliving. He brings several gadgets to reveal the “alternate” Stig Broeckx to us. His gadgets are Imitation Mannequin, Transformation Box, Dress Up Box, Beautify Mirror and Changer Stick.

First, Doraemon uses Imitation Mannequin to reveal the imitation version of Stig Broeckx. I give him a picture of Stig Broeckx and he transfers the picture into the mannequin. After the “imitation” Stig Broeckx emerges, he (Doraemon) uses Transformation Box to change Stig Broeckx into a girl. Several minutes later, Diana Broeckx, female version of Stig Broeckx emerges. She wears light green pajamas and lime green slippers prior the transformation. Then, Diana (Broeckx) steps into Dress Up Box to be dressed in the better outfits. Diana wears a black tank top, a long-sleeve blue blouse which reveals shoulders, a black pencil denim trousers, pair of glitter blue pump shoes, pair of golden star earrings, a golden star ring and tied high ponytail in a black hair tie. After the dress up, Diana has her face with the instant make up with Doraemon’s Beautify Mirror.

Inspired by Diana Broeckx, I want to do the same. In time of Doraemon’s arrival, I wear the typical house outfits; a grey T-shirt, a checkered blue shorts, pair of turquoise sandals and tied low ponytail in a beige hair tie. Then I step into Dress Up Box and hoped to have the sophisticated outfits. Several minutes later, I wear a ruffled short sleeve orange blouse, a calf length tight orange skirt, a patent leather white pump shoes, pair of white pearl earrings, a white pearl choker and a curly blonde hair. Then, I use Beautify Mirror to have a full make up. I’m ready to “bomb” with Diana Broeckx!

After we (Diana and I) dressed with such sophisticated outfits and make up, Doraemon uses Changer Stick to make my room as a stage. He could transform my room into a stage for just 20 seconds! What a rapid change! Finally, a concert held with Diana as a singer and me as a violinist. Diana sings several songs in Flemish Dutch. Actually we have several musicians, they’re PG the saxophonist and SV the pianist. Many people, particularly my friends who are Schumi’s students and my brother -_- (My brother isn’t the student of Schumi, he’s the typical person with the typical interests). The concert runs smoothly and so fun.


Pictures are made by Rinmaru Games. The games is Anime Singer Creator.