Fianna is Our Friend

We have so many Irish idols, from pop singers to flight attendants. But, our favorite is Fianna Brennan aka Fianna Bennett, based of Sam Bennett. She is our friend for at least four years. We love her so much, just like other idols.


Fianna became the archer with modern Indian aka Native American theme which consists blue, yellow, red and white outfits and accessories. She went into archery because in front of her house there is the archery park which visited by professional and amateur archers.

The outfit is made by Rinmaru Games as usual. The game is Anime Archer Creator if not mistaken.

This is A. Dunne

Now, Hana has another Irish girl. Why must Irish? Because recently Hana is obsessed with Celtic stuffs, from Irish, Welsh to oh no! Beside of that, Hana felt that most Irish cyclists aren’t really IRISH. So, Hana would made girls who are more Irish.

We’ve been waiting for months to see who’s the Irish who would appear in Hana Planckaert world. The girl is still based with road cyclist and she’s the character with similar surname with him (the cyclist). The girl is Conor Dunne as a girl, he becomes a girl because Dorabear’s fear of Doraemon’s excessive obsession with Indian and Turkish TV series. Because of this, Dorabear would turn Conor to a girl to tease Doraemon with a real girl.

Who’s the girl whose surname Dunne?

Urban-Chic-Deluxe-DollDivine-A Dunne

Aoife? Aine? NOPE!

The girl’s first name is Aisling, inspired by someone who always liking Hana’s posts on social media. Her FULL name is Aisling Dunne. She’s our friend and idol.

The outfit is made by Doll Divine. The game is Urban Chic Deluxe.

Fianna, Fianna

This time Hana will present another idol. She’s an idol from a country in British Isles. The country has harp as a symbol. She has an “ethnic” name which will surprise us. And she’s still related to cycling although it’s distant.

Who’s she? 3! 2! 1! She’s Fianna Brennan, an Irish girl who is Hana’s and Maiken’s friend. She’s a hostess who always appear at the five-star hotels. Fianna Brennan is the “more Irish” version of Fiona Bennett, Sam Bennett as a girl.

Fianna becomes a hostess because she had failed to become an actress either on TV or theatre. Fianna has been trying for at least six times to become an actress. After failed as an actress, she applied to become a hostess. After two attempts, finally Fianna got the place as a hostess.

Fianna has been exist in Hana Planckaert world for more than three years. Fianna appears as friend of Hana Planckaert. Fianna is our protector, she always protect us if we have problems and obstacles.


Fianna wears two different outfits which denote her activities. In the left, Fianna wears typical casual outfit while reading Harry Potter and eating French fries at her room. Then, in the right, Fianna wears bridesmaid dress with revealing design which worn while working as a hostess at the hotel.

The outfits are made by Rinmaru Games. The games are Mega Geek Girl Creator and Wedding Dress Up Games.

Noirin Roche/Riordan

One day, Dorabear and his friends, including Doraemon played tricks to cyclists who compete for 104th Tour de France. They made some tricks for entertain cyclists.

While Dorabear and friends tricked Nicolas Roche, they played the ‘hard’ tricks which lead to transformation. Dorabear, with his transformation gadgets transformed Nicolas into an unknown girl. The girl is an Irish, just like Deirdre who appeared at the ICU while Diana fell into coma.

Existence of ‘true’ Irish becomes the hot topic in Hana Planckaert world. Recently, most Irish cyclists aren’t really Irish, many of them have English blood like Dan Martin. The topic makes us curious about Celtic stuffs, especially Irish stuffs.

After the trick, Nicolas became a girl named Noirin or Nóirín (with diacritical marks). Her last name is Riordan or Roche, Riordan is used when her first name uses diacritical marks and Roche is used when her first name has no any diacritical marks.

Noirin is Deirdre’s neighbor since early childhood. This different with Nicolas and Daniel who are cousins. The girls are the different people with Sarah Roche and Diana Martin who commonly appear in Hana Planckaert media.

Noirin shares simlar skintone, hair color and eyes color with Nicolas, but her hair has a bit yellow undertone and it’s short and wavy. She also share similar body size with her neighbor, Deirdre. She always appear taller due to her habit which frequently wearing high heeled shoes because she wants to be ‘shining’.


Noirin Riordan (not Roche) is hand drawn. She wears white stretch, U neck and long sleeve blouse, navy blue A line skirt, sky blue long vest and navy blue platform stiletto pump shoes.

Deirdre Martin/Mulligan

In the opening of 104th Tour de France, Diana Martin, Dan Martin as a girl suddenly fell down while working. After that Diana taken to the hospital by an ambulance with her friends and Dan’s mother. At the hospital, doctor diagnosed Diana with a severe injury which led to one-week until three-month coma. Diana fell into coma since Saturday until present.

While Diana fell into coma, she had out of body experience with different identity. It happened when Hana, Dorabear and Arne visited Diana on ICU. Hana saw Diana closely and watched Diana became someone different with her.

At the first, Hana thought that Diana would be the same on out of body version, but it would be different due to Diana’s critical condition plus Hana’s and Dorabear’s hallucination. The person whose appeared outside ICU is Deirdre Martin/Mulligan, a girly girl and fashionista.

Deirdre’s existence made Hana and the others furious as she never been exist on any media, including Hana Planckaert Idoling Blog. Deirdre is Diana in disguise with prettier and sweeter appearance, personality and style. Deirdre has a long wavy auburn hair with a bit fringe, bright green eyes, slender body, fair complexion and proportional face.

Deirdre Martin/Mulligan is one of few ‘true’ Irish in Hana Planckaert world as most Irish idols, particularly cyclists aren’t really Irish. ‘True’ Irish are the important figures on Celtic culture as Irish are the majority. In Hana Planckaert world, several Celtic figures exist, particularly Welsh and Bretons who always appear on road cycling world. In the future, Hana Planckaert would bring more Celtic figures from any tribes.


Deirdre Martin/Mulligan is hand-drawn. She wears a coral empire dress, a khaki skinny belt and a khaki block heels shoes.

Three Years of Existence

Now, Hana Planckaert Idoling Blog turns 3. Hana has been in WordPress for three years just for entertain us, especially road cycling fans. For three years Hana made cycling and some other stuffs more fun and merrier with this Idoling Blog. In the future, Hana Planckaert would be better and able to deliver more diverse topics, not just cycling.

For birthday present, Hana have two new idols. They’re from British Isles and have rather ‘unique’ name(s) that common in that area. They just debuted as idols of cycling and alternative universe. The idols are younger cyclists as girls, Dorabear turns them into girls because Hana was desperate for new idols after several figures died few months ago.

Now, lets introduce each idol whose freshly made.

First, girl in the left with Hana is Maeve Geoghegan (Hart), based of Tao Geoghegan Hart. She’s the first ‘true’ Irish idol in Hana Planckaert world. Actually she and Tao are coming from Irish ethnicity, but born in England and hold British citizenship, NOT Irish. She has fair skin with pink undertone, long straight auburn hair and blue eyes. Before she exist, Hana had suggested several names for her, like Nuala and Siofra after found on several media. Hana also think that she’ll have reddish hair, because Tao has red hair. She’s better known as Maeve Geoghegan in various media.

Second, girl in the right with Hana is Elaine Doull, based of Owain Doull. She is one of the Welsh idol who exist in Hana Planckaert world. She’s the ‘angel’ among British Isles idols due her goddess-like appearance. She has light skin with beige undertone, long straight brown hair and blue-green eyes. Before she exist, Hana always think that she’ll become the ‘goddess’ because Hana refers Greek goddess like Athena for the reference.

The pictures are made by Anime Couple Picture Creator of Rinmaru Games.