Water Girls by The Elements

Water is one of the Earth’s elements. Water is every living things, including human basic necessity. Water made up at least 70 percent of Earth’s surface. Now Hana Planckaert would present Lolita costume with colors of the water.

List of the characters:

  1. Giulia Battaglin
  2. Larisa Buitrago
  3. Soraya Capecchi
  4. Flavia Colbrelli
  5. Nina Garcia Cortina
  6. Zala Mohoric
  7. Jana Pibernik
  8. Larissa Valls
  9. Suzana Baskova
  10. Renata Gamper

Many of the characters were featured on Tour de France installments once and hoped to be featured again on many installments.

The outfits are made by Rinmaru Games. The game is Mega Lolita Fashion Creator.